Chapter goals

We aim to turn Wisconsin blue in the November election by:

  1. Registering more voters of South Asian origin

  2. Ensuring voters request and return absentee ballots in time

  3. GOTV on Election day

The efforts of TSB-Wisconsin have gathered momentum in the month of June! The core team expanded to include a fifth member, Arjun Shreekumar who has brought energy and expertise in field-organizing to the team. In addition to making personal contacts with the local South Asian community, TSB-Wisconsin has collaborated with the state Democratic Party to access the digital voter database (NGP VAN) in order to set up phone banks and target registered and non-registered voters of South Asian origin across the state. Finally, we have reached out to TSB-Illinois and recruited ten volunteers who have graciously agreed to participate in the phone bank calls. With the Illinois team and our local volunteers, we are planning to contact all voters of South Asian origin across the state in the next few weeks.