If you are a US Citizen living overseas, please do vote (and make sure your friends vote)!

  •    US citizens overseas can register to vote and request ballots at:

  •    Check guidelines for registration and ballot requests for your home state at:

  •    Some states allow registration by email or fax. Others require registration by mail.

  •    Act NOW to get Absentee Ballots in time to avoid mail delays

  •    Join Democrats Abroad (DA), (free).

    • It has voter information, active chapters and volunteer opportunities in many countries including India, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Mexico, etc.

Voting and Taxes​

One frequently cited reason why overseas citizens avoid voting is because they are concerned that voting will trigger state income taxes. However, if you vote only for federal candidates (House, Senate, President), you will NOT be subject to state income taxes.

(See: “Voting and Taxes” at:

for more information).

Helpful Information

This is a particularly detailed and helpful article:

   Deadline Approaches for Registration of Indian American U.S. Citizens Wanting to Vote from Abroad -- India West

   Are You an American Voting from Abroad? Here’s How to Do It -- New York Times

   Absentee Voting Information for U.S. Citizens Abroad -- US State Department

   Federal Voting Assistance Program -- US State Department



Disclaimer: We are not a fundraising site. Our primary goal is to mobilize the South Asian community for the 2020 elections and increase voter turnout from all sections of society for Democratic candidates.

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