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Disclaimer: We are not a fundraising site. Our primary goal is to mobilize the Desi community for the 2020 election and increase voter turnout from all sections of society for Democratic candidates.



The hyper-partisan Republican-dominated Senate is a major Trump enabler.

They have approved amazingly dubious cabinet nominees and have stacked the Supreme Court and lower courts with extreme right wing appointees. Approximately one-third of the Senate is re-elected every two years. Republicans have significant exposure in the Senate in the 2020 election. Democrats need to pick up a net 4 seats to flip the Senate in 2020.

US Senate 2020 Pre-election predictions

2020 Senate Elections — Five thirty eight

2020 Senate Election Interactive Map

2020 United States Senate elections

Help us flip the US Senate to a Democratic majority in 2020!

State-level elections

Local change is national progress

State legislatures play an important role in elections by defining precinct boundaries and electoral maps. Since the 1990's Republicans have focused on the state legislature to control redistricting. Their gerrymandering has resulted in oddly-shaped districts in order to "pack" or "crack" the Democratic vote and manufacture the reduced voting power of the Democratic electorate. This has sown the seeds for many Republican electoral wins where Democrats would have prevailed if the boundaries had been drawn fairly. 

Our future will not be drawn by unjust gerrymandering, we are owed the right to decide our own political fate. 

Targeting Trifectas

State Legislatures with veto-proof majorities after the 2018 election

A trifecta is when government dominated by a single party in the governorship and both houses of the legislature. In the 2018 election, six states flipped from Republican trifecta to Democratic. Currently, 22 states have Republican trifectas and 14 have Democratic trifectas.