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Help build a national movement to mobilize the South Asian community in 2020

They See Blue is looking to engage the South Asian American community to contribute towards saving our Democracy in both small ways (e.g. spreading the word to friends and relatives and getting them to pledge to vote, phone banking, writing postcards, donating small amounts of time or money, etc.), and large ways (e.g. starting They See Blue (TSB) chapters in their city, hosting candidates fundraisers in their backyards, becoming more engaged with the core team activities, etc.). We encourage young folks, millennials, retirees and others with roots in the Indian subcontinent -- or any others who support these goals -- to get involved at any level they can. No contribution is too small. Every individual contribution results in a bigger impact when they are coordinated as part of a focused group activity. And it will be much more fun.



Fill out our Join Form and someone from our team will reach out to you within a couple days with information, support, and resources on how to start your chapter!



Disclaimer: They See Blue is not a PAC. Any donations made via the links on our site go directly to the candidates.

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