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  1. Protect 2018 electoral gains 

  2. Win Presidency and Senate for the Democrats

  3. Flip more State House races

  4. Register thousands of South Asians on permanent absentee voter rolls

We are a group of like-minded South Asian democrats working together to promote progressive values in our communities. Our mission is to work up and down the ballot to make and keep Michigan blue.

Founding Story

Shortly after the 2016 elections when many voters and supporters of the democratic candidate were depressed and searching for something to do with their despair the founders of SAMOSA found each other.   We agreed that our collective actions would be most effective if we focused on organizing and Influencing within our community.  What started as a small purposeful Facebook group now has close to 600 members. We also have recognition and cooperation from all the democratic candidates and the Michigan Democratic Party for our specialized efforts.