Gen Z, Future of America

By Dani S. 

Dani is a teen who is heavily interested in politics residing in North Texas. 

I’m Dani, a teen living in North Texas. Politics have been a big part of my life from when I was little, wearing my “Hope” t-shirts, to when I was 11, telling my friends about how HRC would make a great president, to now. I’ve been following this election very closely because this election represents a feeling in my life that I’ve never felt before: actual fear of the future.

I’m scared because I don’t think I can imagine another four years of the current America. I look around and I see a country that I don’t recognize. I see a country where people are frightened to even enter their local grocery store because of the looming threat of the mishandled virus. A country where educators are scared to reopen because an outbreak among students would overwhelm a struggling health care system. And to add insult to injury, our President wants to pretend like the pandemic is over by ignoring science and irresponsibly speaking in front of big, untested crowds.

I see a country with a once strong economy in steep decline. Our GDP is going down at a historical rate. Unemployment is rising fast, many of these jobs being permanently lost. Our famous American consumerism is at a low as well. Sadly, our President would rather pretend that the economy is like it was before than have a coherent plan to bring back the economy.