I've stepped out of my comfort zone, but it sure is fun!

By: Debashri S. (as seen in our April 2020 newsletter)

If you had told me before Nov 2016 that I’d be canvassing, writing postcards and actively participating in political events, I’d have called you crazy. But here we are. And, I am sure this is the story of many of us. Many of us fostered political opinions, but never thought, that we would “get involved” ourselves.

I became an American citizen, a couple of months after Trump wassworn in as President. He was too engrossed in hating immigrants full-time then, and I didn’t have to see him blabbering on the screen during my citizenship ceremony because they didn’t have his video address. I came out of the ceremony hall and excitedly registered to vote. Weeks later,I was still not registered.