Campaigning on the Dosa Circuit: Kamala Harris

Shalini Parekh is a journalist and writer from the Chicagoland area. 

Her article about another South Asian on the Democratic ticket running for a House seat for the HuffPost can be seen here.

“Do you feel proud?” A friend asked me, alluding to my South Asian identity, when referring to Kamala Harris’s nomination. I was indeed proud. Proud that we were finally ready for a woman of color on the Presidential ticket in this country.

I didn't answer her right away, though. I pondered my own Indian American diasporic background, and then Kamala Harris’s complex immigration quilt. The answer lends itself to some musings in these times. At this juncture in American history Kamala’s candidacy is unique because of the textured dynamics within the South Asian community. The unprecedented social mobilization within Black Lives Matter has intensified awareness of class consciousness within the South Asian community, as well.