Vote early


Early Voting has started in most states.

You should've received an absentee or mail-in ballot.

Vote on election day

Be prepared to vote on Election Day.

Vote by mail

Help Get Out The South Asian Vote

South Asians are an important voting block and their votes can help Democrats win this November. 

  • Call or text people in your network that are unlikely voters or first-time voters. Walk them through the ballot, the voting process, and help them make a plan to vote. 

  • Nudge family and friends on your Whatsapp groups with regular reminders to vote early and/or to mail in their ballots.

  • Use resources below to answer any voting-related questions people in your network may have.


You can vote TODAY in most states including AZ, CA, GA, IA, ME, MI, MT, NC, PA, SC, TX, VA, and WI. Early voting in FL and NY starts on Oct 24th. 

In-person voting guidelines:

  • Be sure to go to the right early voting polling place.

  • Take your ID if your state requires it. 

  • Wear your mask.

  • Be prepared to stand in line. Bring snacks and water. Wear comfortable shoes. 



Guidelines to complete your ballot:

  • Use the same pen throughout (black or blue ink).

  • Insert your ballot in the envelope provided. In PA, be sure to use the secrecy envelope.

  • Sign and complete the required information on the ballot envelope.

You have two options to return your ballot:

  1. Drop it at an official Drop Box.

  2. Return by US Postal Service.​

If returning by mail we recommend mailing your ballot 7 days before the deadline.

Ballots must be received by:

  • Nov 3 - AZ, CO, FL, ME, MI, MT, SC

  • Nov 4  - TX

  • Nov 6 - GA, NC, PA, VA

  • Nov 9 - IA, WI


If you plan to vote in person on Election Day, here are some guidelines:

  • Be sure to go to the right polling place.

  • Take your ID if your state requires it. 

  • Wear your mask.

  • Be prepared to stand in line for hours. Bring snacks and water. Wear comfortable shoes. 

  • Even if the polls close while you’re still in line, you have the right to vote. Be willing to stay in line until you vote!

If something goes wrong, CALL the National Voter Protection Hotline:  1-866- OUR-VOTE.



  • You may receive multiple ballots, with

    • Federal races (President, Senate (if applicable), House)

    • State races (State Senate, State House, Attorney General, etc ) 

    • Local races (Mayor, Supervisor, School Board, etc) 

    • Propositions and Measures for the State or City

  • We recommend voting for Democratic candidates for all the races that appear on your ballot.

  • For Propositions and Measures, we recommend you consult endorsements from organizations you respect like the ACLU, your local newspaper, Sierra Club, etc. to help you make informed decisions.

  • Remember, it is okay to leave an option blank if you are unsure. Your ballot will still be counted for all the options you voted on.