A victory in Pennsylvania is vital for a 2020 Presidential win.

Democrats and President Trump agree on at least one thing: Pennsylvania is one of the most important states on the electoral map in 2020.

Analysts place it in the top three states to watch, along with Wisconsin and Michigan. Together, these states gave Trump a Rust Belt victory, thanks to a high turnout of blue collar workers.

Pennsylvania hadn't backed a Republican since George H.W. Bush in 1988, but a wave of first-time, rural voters helped Trump change the reliably blue state to red for a victory over the favored Democrat Hillary Clinton. Democrats lost Pennsylvania by 45,000 votes and there are about 150,000 Desis in the state: we can win Pennsylvania with increased Desi voter engagement.

Our Pennsylvania chapter based in the Greater Philadelphia area (with plans for Pittsburgh too), is fairly new and growing. Individual members of this group have helped in flipping to blue, a number of local seats in 2019 as well as House seats in 2018. Join the blue wave and help PA turn blue in 2020! Email us at 



Disclaimer: We are not a fundraising site. Our primary goal is to mobilize the South Asian community for the 2020 elections and increase voter turnout from all sections of society for Democratic candidates.

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