Theresa Greenfield



Theresa Greenfield is running against Joni Ernst (R) to represent Iowans in the U.S. Senate. 
Hard work and determination have defined Greenfield’s whole life. Theresa was raised on a farm where she and her four siblings would do tasks that were essential to keeping the farm running smoothly, such as baling hay, driving tractors, and feeding animals. Financial aid and multiple part-time jobs enabled Theresa to attend college, studying at Iowa Lakes Community College and Iowa State University before ultimately graduating from Minnesota State University. Theresa worked as an urban planner and has worked in real estate and development in Iowa.

Theresa is running for office to expand economic opportunity for working families in Iowa. One of Theresa’s top priorities is protecting access to affordable health care, Social Security, and other benefits that help Americans make ends meet. After her first husband tragically died, workers’ compensation and Social Security enabled her to return to school and head down a new career path. “They saved my life,” she has said of the benefits. “They helped me restart my life. Those are a hand-up, not a hand-out.” Theresa is also a strong supporter of public education and community colleges, including job training programs. “We need to broaden our scope on what education means, and tools they need to do these jobs,” she has said. With Theresa in office, Iowans will have a senator who empathizes with their experiences and will make sure their voices are heard in Washington, DC.

According to the latest polls, Greenfield is currently leading Joni Ernst by 2 percentage points.



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