They See, Watch, and Hear Blue

2020-2021 PODCASTS

The Blue Wave/LifeForce

January 2021

Rajiv Bhateja, co-founder of They See Blue, a national organization to mobilize South Asians in America, and Anu Banerjee of They See Blue’s Georgia Team, speak about inspiring, educating, and activating South Asians across the nation to help win the U.S. presidential election and flip the Georgia Senate in one of the most-watched election seasons in history. "We just got to work. We knew what needed to be done. we chased every single vote."

The Great Battlefield

April 2020

They See Blue joins Nathaniel Pearlman (former CTO of the Hillary Clinton campaign) on The Great Battlefield


Bolly 92.3 ThePowerHour

September 2018

They See Blue joins the Bay Area's South Asian radio station.