They See Blue LA+

Los Angeles

Chapter Story

The TSB LA+ chapter came to fruition during the 2020 presidential race and immediately hit the

ground running! The common thread that joins our members is wanting to create real change

after being tired of watching the disarray in our nation. Beyond the election, the team will

continue to focus on local representatives and causes important to the community.

Why is TSB LA+ unique?

Southern California presents a unique and diverse dynamic. Those outside of the state look at

Southern California as a top Blue Wave home. While true, the LA+ chapter spans from Ventura,

San Bernardino, Riverside and into Orange County, which includes many Republican leaning

pockets. Our geographic region includes 22 million residents, with a vast opportunity for the

chapter to continue to make an impact.

Chapter goals:

+ Help elect Democratic candidates within our geographic area

+ GOTV initiatives and support other swing states and our fellow CA chapters

+ Energize South Asian voters and allies - with diversity around Southern California, the

chapter is welcoming of all backgrounds

Chapter Activities:

+ Support Christy Smith from CA-25, who has fought for her neighbors in Ventura and LA

county on the school board and in the California state legislature. We’re working to help

flip this House seat blue in November 2020

+ Work jointly with the San Diego chapter to support phone banking efforts in key swing


+ Energize South Asian voters and allies through various platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp,

email, online events)

+ Promote 4orMore (a voter outreach app)

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