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They See Blue was founded in the Silicon Valley in August 2018, just a couple months before the United States midterm elections. With laser-focused strategy, They See Blue organized the power of the South Asian community with the goal of flipping the CA-10, CA-21, and CA-22 House seats in California from red to blue. With the help of other grass roots organizations, They See Blue grew its membership to 200, held successful fundraisers, and conducted targeted outreach to South Asian families through canvassing, phone banking, and sponsoring political ads on local radio stations. As a result, CA-10 and CA-21 were won.



Until the 2020 elections, They See Blue will aim to defend the districts flipped, expand our targets to Senate races nationwide and Presidency, and engage more South Asians in the political process. They See Blue will spread their vision to South Asians around the country, with extra attention paid to Swing States, by creating new They See Blue chapters and working with other like-minded South Asian and progressive organizations.

They See Blue has active chapters across the nation. To learn more about how to get involved, click here!

We are proud to be working with a number of Democratic and South Asian organizations. To become a partner, please contact us here.


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General policies

  • We are not an issues-based group, though many of our members feel passionately about specific issues and are motivated by them 

  • We are focused on US politics in our organizing and do not take stances on non-US politics

Supporting candidates

  • We generally do not officially support any candidate until they win the primary and become the Democratic nominee (though informal early engagement is OK)

  • We support any Democratic nominee who is in a critical swing district or state, regardless of their position on specific issues

Organizational structure

  • We are a true grassroots organization focused on electing Democrats up and down the ballot.

  • There is no hierarchy: each of us is a volunteer (though some do more than others) 


  • We are an inclusive “big tent” organization with a diversity of views, and we strive to maintain a courteous and respectful discourse (no personal attacks) in our messaging forums

  • We do not tolerate racism, casteism, classism, homophobia and transphobia, religious discrimination, sexism and any forms of discrimination or exclusion.



Disclaimer: We are not a fundraising site. Our primary goal is to mobilize the South Asian community for the 2020 elections and increase voter turnout from all sections of society for Democratic candidates.

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